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    DEMO...This script is currently under construction...DEMO


    Html Cloak


    Here is one of the scripts I am currently working on. I have created this demo in hopes that people try it out and report any problems encountered. I have tried about 100 different JavaScripts, DHTML scripts and about 75 web pages as of this writing and have fixed any problems I have encountered. Now I feel confident enough to allow others to help test this script. Although I am still working on the script it would be nice to receive any feedback (or suggestions) good or bad.   Give It A Try
    Questions & Answers

    Q. What does the Html Cloak do?

    A. It encodes html pages by converting JavaScripts and the like into Hexadecimal form, and encodes html into its decimal form. By doing this, it is cloaking the ASCii characters within your html, making it more difficult for someone to steal the pages you worked so hard to create!

    Q. Will Html Cloak encrypt my JavaScripts?

    A. Yes, Html Cloak does encrypt your JavaScripts, then encodes the encryption into its hexadecimal form. Making it even more difficult for someone to steal your scripts!

    Currently the encryption works with IE 4 and above and NS 4 and above. Which is about 99% of the browsers used today.

    Q. What will the Html Cloak not encode?

    A. Html Cloak while in HTML Mode, will not encode any tags beginning with: <meta, <style, <div, <!--, <textarea, or <layer, and while inside of tags, it will not encode the commands to the left of any "=" equals sign or inside of any "<br>" solid tags. Reason: The page would not function properly if these where encoded, except for the "<!--" comment tag which is left alone, so you will know where you are within your web page.

    Q. What is HTML Mode?

    A. There are two major "Modes" that the Html Cloak uses: HTML Mode and SCRIPT Mode. When Html Cloak finds a script, it will go into SCRIPT Mode, which encrypts and encodes all of that script. When it reaches the end of that script, Html Cloak will go back into HTML Mode and continue to encode everything (except for what was stated above) into its decimal form.

    Q. What if visitors have javascript turned off?

    A. No problem, Unlike most other scripts and programs out there that encode the entire web page in hexadecimal, which takes javascript turned on before you can decode and view it. This script only encodes javascripts into hexadecimal, so if your visitor does not have javascript turned on or their browser does not support javascript, they will still be able to view your web page encoded into its decimal form.

    Q. What is the difference between hexadecimal and decimal?

    A. Hexadecimal within javascript looks like this: %3C which is the less than ( < ) character, and needs javascript to decode it. Now the same character in decimal form: &#60 which takes only your browser to decode it, so hexadecimal must be decoded by JavaScript and decimal can be decoded by your browser. This is why Html Cloak encodes JavaScripts into hexadecimal and html into decimal. Making your page viewable to everyone.

    Q. What else does the Html Cloak do?

    A. Html Cloak will also insert a JavaScript that will keep your status bar empty on mouse overs, it will disable right clicks which aids to keep people from stealing the images on your web page, and disable of "left click and drag" to prevent (Ctrl+C) copying of your text and images. The script will be inserted after the "</title>" ending title tag or after the "<body>" beginning body tag. If there is no ending title tag or beginning body tag the Script will not be inserted.

    Currently, disable right click and "empty status bar" works with IE 4 and above and NS 4 and above. Disable of "left click and drag" works with IE 4 and above and NS 6 and above.


    Give It A Try