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    Process Killer

    psKiller v.1.0

    PsKiller was written in perl, and converted to an executable program. It is a simple command line tool which is a very useful tool to have when trying to kill processes without using the windows task manager. PsKiller will supply you with a list of process ids and program names, along with the number of threads each program is using. Also, if you are a programmer, you'll find it easy to incorporate psKiller into other programs or scripts.

    Supported Systems: Only tested on Windows XP.

    If you find it works on any systems other than Windows XP, please let me know.

      The zip file includes the following files/programs:
      psKiller.cgi - The source code for the psKiller.exe.
      TEST.exe     - Test program that doesn't "do" anything except 
                     allow you to "test" the psKiller.exe program.
                     (ie. c:\psKiller TEST.exe)
      psKiller.exe - the program used to stop/kill processes that 
                     are running.
      Readme.txt   - Directions.


       Command Line: psKiller [options...] <program> or <pid>
    Supported options and arguments are: <program> =Name of program to kill. -all =Will kill all instances of <program>. <pid> =Process id of program to kill. Supersedes <program> and -all option. -list =Prints a list of all current processes. Supersedes all other options and arguments. -help =Prints this menu. Supersedes -list option.
    Perl: @output = `psKiller`; #backticks ` NOT single quotes '. example: #!/usr/bin/perl @output = `C:/path/to/psKiller.exe`; print "<pre>\n"; foreach $line (@output) { print "$line\n"; } print "</pre>\n"; #If you use the command line to run your script #Comment the print <pre> lines.


    psKiller has been downloaded times.