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  • Oakbox Super-Duper One-Shot Encryptomatic!

    Send your message securely over the internet! This particular implementation is meant FOR DEMONSTATION PORPOISES ONLY. To be genuinely secure, this form must be placed behind an SSL browser connection (https://). Your recipient must know the secret 'seed' you use to encrypt your message. Without it, your message remains a meaningless jumble.

    During Encryption, I take your 'seed', which should be a random jumble of letters and numbers (think 'password'), and encrypt that using MD5 encryption. That produces a string of letters and number that I use as a one time pad against the text of your message. As a last step, I put everything into hexcode so that you can copy and paste it into an email message. A checksum is produced from this hexcode so that your recipient knows that they received an unaltered message.

    To decode a message, you need three pieces of info. The encoded text, the checksum (to verify the encoded text is unaltered) and the 'seed' code.

    This Demo Version is restricted to: 1000 characters when encrypting and 2100 characters when decrypting.

    Text: Seed:

    Text: Checksum: Seed:

    Written by Richard Still at © 2001. There are NO guarantees about the utility of this script for any particular purpose!
    Thanks to Kurt Kincaid, author of Crypt-OTP module (available on CPAN), for his OTP code!