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    Simple RateIt

    Now Featuring Admin Panel

    SplRateIt was created to be completely customizable, It comes with a password protected admin panel, 4 pre-made rating forms, a view ratings page (all of which can be edited), and the SplRateIt script. It will allow you to rate an entire web site or a single page, script, ad, or whatever you would like to rate. The rating is based on a numerical scale from 1 to any number. You will be able to display number of votes, percentage of votes, and comments. Comments will be filtered and any bad language will be commented ( **** ) out. Now with the ability to set cookies, which help prevent multiple voting.

    The password protected admin panel features an auto install for simple installations. Other features include, add/delete rating IDs quick and easy, approve/delete/modify comments before public viewing, add/delete curse words in foul language list, and creates javaScript for you.

    SplRateIt works using JavaScript, so no need to worry about having SSI (Server Side Includes) available on your server.

    How to create JavaScript in the admin panel

    1. Make sure you have created a rating ID.
    2. Select an ID from the drop down menu box.
    3. Type the form name including extension (.html). (optional)
    4. Type the return URL, if you choose to send the voter to another page. (optional)
    5. Type the cookie expiration time, to prevent multiple voting. (optional)
    6. Type the number of comments you would like displayed in your form. (optional)
    7. Type the maximum number of characters to be displayed in each comment. (optional)
    8. Hit the Create Script button.


    The Admin Settings form, Add/Delete Curse Words form and the Add/Delete IDs form have all been disabled.

    Ratings Form | Admin Panel


    The beginning of your JavaScript will look something like below:

    <script language="JavaScript" src="

    Right after the "?" you will need to type "id=", then create a rating ID.
    ( ie. id=SplRateIt )

    Then it depends on which one of the three choices below you would like to use.







    To view any of your ratings, type the following into your browsers address bar:

    To see the ratings for this script click here, or Rate this script using the form above (leave comment if you like), then visit the view ratings page to see the effects of your vote.


    Trouble Shooting

    1. Make sure all .cgi and .pl files are chmod 755.
    2. Make sure all folders are chmod 755 or 777.
    3. Make sure you have created an id.
    4. Make sure your JavaScripts source is pointed to your splrateit.cgi script.
    5. Open the splrateit.cgi and the admin.cgi and comment out "#" this line:
        # use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);
    6. If all of the above are correct, and the program still does not work. e-mail me.

    Remember the script that you are downloading is the very same script I use on this site.

    Note: The auto-install may not work properly if you are using a free website address like below.

    If you are and you know what your Full Path is, then follow the directions below.

    1. Open up the after you have run the admin.cgi script.
    2. Change the $FullPath to match your full path.
    3. Make sure the rest of the paths follow the the root directory.
    4. Change the $WebsiteAddress to match your website address.
    5. Save Changes.
    6. Go back to the admin.cgi in your browser, type in user name and password.

    Congradulations, its installed!



    2/12/03 - Password Protection
    5/13/04 - Once comment was accepted, it would be deleted instead of written to file.
                  Anyone who has downloaded the script before 5/13/04 can manualy fix it here.
    6/14/04 - With some clients who used a firewall program to hide their Ip and http referrer,
                  SplRateit would return a 404 Page Not Found error.
    6/15/04 - Altering comments in the Accept/Denie Comments Section of the admin panel would fail.


    SplRateIt has been downloaded times.