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    Simple Counter

    NOTE: Splcounter will no longer record referrers or time of hits.

    The SplCounter (Simple Counter) was created to record how many hits you have had for each page id. It creates a cookie, set to expire within the ammount of time you decide (default is set at 24 hrs) to help keep your counter as accurate as possible. It allows you to display text digits, digit images, a single image, or just hide the counter all together, and gives you the option of redirecting to another url. It also allows you to turn cookies off, keep track of links, and use an image tag to keep track of page views.

    SplCounter works using JavaScript, so no need to worry about having SSI (Server Side Includes) available on your server.

    The beginning of your JavaScript will look something like below:

    <script language="JavaScript" src="

    Right after the "?" you will need to type "id=" and choose a name for your page.
    ( ie. id=IndexPage )

    Then it depends on which one of the six choices below you would like to use.
    NOTE: "&zeros=" stands for the number of digits to be displayed in your counter.

    1. TEXT DISPLAY - &zeros=5&display=text"></script>

    2. IMAGE DISPLAY - &display=image"></script>

    3. HIDE DISPLAY - &display=hide"></script>

    4. GRAPHICS DISPLAY - &zeros=5&display=graphics&type=a"></script>

    5. REDIRECT URL - &redirectURL="></script>

    6. COUNT EVERY HIT - &cookie=no ( Add this inside any of the above )

    Everything should be pretty self-explanatory, except for the graphics display. If you look at the graphics display line (no. 4), you will see at the end of it ( type=a ). Type stands for the type of digit images you would like to use for a particular page. There should be two sets of digit images included with this zip file. When you look at them, you will see images numbered from 0-9 then you should see images numbered a0-a9 ("a" is the "type" of digit images being called). Also if you wish to display the counter without actually counting a hit, all you have to do is add this ( ;only ) to the end of which ever display you choose ( ie. &display=graphics;only ).

    ------- UPDATES -------

    1/20/03 - Now count every hit by adding ( &cookie=no ) to any of the options.

    1/21/03 - 1. Use Image Tag to count page hits. First type:
    <img src="
    now type: &use=image;yourImage.gif" border="0">

    2.  Count how many times a link has been clicked.
    <a href="
    now type: &use=link;"> Your Link </a>

    1/31/03 - 1. No longer logs referrers or time of each hit.

    2.  New Option that allows you to set when cookie expires.


    SplCounter has been downloaded times.


    graphics display

    text display

    single image display
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